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1974 Masi Gran Criterium Bicycle 56cm Ex- Reg Harris Built by Alberto Masi


Pre-Owned 1974 Masi Gran Criterium Bicycle 56cm Ex- Reg Harris Built by Alberto Masi…Great historic patina good condition for 50 years old with marks, scratches, and wear…see pictures.


** Please contact me on the details listed at the end for more information**


Frame:                 Masi Gran Criterium Columbus SL Specially Built for Reg Harris in Oct 1974 confirmed, documented, and identified by Alberto Masi’s successor master frame builder Simone D’Urbino…It has been refinished in the late 1970’s by C&G builders & refinishers in Liverpool; also, the top tube cable guides were added. This was noted by Simone upon his inspection via detailed pictures, he also commented on the Confente drop-outs used from 1973. The frame has been clean and new decals fitted. Frame number #H56 1074


Size:                    56cm

Seat Tube:          56cm Centre to Top

Top Tube:           56cm Centre to Centre


Crankset:            Masi Pantographed Campagnolo Record Dated 1973

Gears:                 Campagnolo Record Front & Rear Derailleurs Dated 1973

Wheels:               Campagnolo Record with AVA rims Laced by Roy Swinnerton and wired and soldered, the tubulars were replaced many years ago, and would need replacing if its going to be ridden.

Seat Post:           Campagnolo Record Pantographed Masi


Saddle:                Original Masi Branded


Brakes:                Campagnolo 1st Gen Record Brake levers and Campagnolo Record Calipers 1973


Stem:                   Cinelli


Handlebars:        Cinelli


Pedals:                1st Generation Campagnolo Superleggeri Track Pista Pedals with Alfredo Binda Straps


Condition:           The bicycle has been stripped and lightly preserved, bearings greased, cables and bar tape (aged)


Identification:      See the information above regarding the frame, I have a HD high quality picture of Reg Harris and his wife in full 1975 Draka Foam Kit and I have highlighted three bicycle indemnification markers of the bike

1) Original 1st Gen Campagnolo Brake Levers

2) Original 1st Gen Campagnolo Pista pedals

3) Original The Roy Swinnerton built wheels wired and soldered.

4) The original equipment listed above.



History:                A full comprehensive history of the bike has been documented.

  • Reg Harris
  • Bernard Worby Cheshire Roads Club & friend of Harris
  • Mel Cranmer Bought this via Frank Herety (Stockport)

It is important that this bicycle is preserved and goes to a collector or Museum. There is more information and a framed picture to the lucky buyer.







Please look at the pictures in detail as they form part of the description, please use zoom.


Note: This item is listed with as much information as I can give about the quality, scratches; imperfections and condition.


Please message for more information on the specification…I’m more than happy to answer questions and freely offer advice and help …. Just message me :-) or call (see details below)

1974 Masi Gran Criterium Bicycle 56cm Ex- Reg Harris Built by Alberto Masi

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