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Classic and Vintage Cycles- what I do
I rebuild and restore historic cycles. Any era… Any make. With a cycle shop based in Hadfield Derbyshire, I supply parts, service and bikes worldwide.
Classic and Vintage Cycles
The Story.
Brian Digby - the man behind Classic and Vintage Cycles
Cluad Butler Classic and Vintage Cycles
1935 Vintage Orbea Vuelta Professional Bicycle (4).jpg
1981 Gios Aerodynamic at Classic and Vintage Cycles, Hadfield, Derbyshire UK (30).jpg
Vintage Cinelli Speciale Corsa Supercorsa Bicycle (37).jpg
Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra 53cm Classic and Vintage Cycles  (59).jpg

A number of years ago I decided to follow my passion for riding, restoring and building bicycles… Classic and Vintage Cycles began with a wish to build quality bicycles, with an eye for detail.

I’ve been cycling since the 1970s and never lost my love of it, from daily commuting to touring around this amazing countryside of ours.

Serving my production engineering apprenticeship in the machine shop of Seddon Atkinson's, I’ve worked for over 50 years in both cycle and motorcycle workshops. I’ve built maintained, developed, and restored motorbikes and bicycles from all over the world.

With enthusiasm passion and experience I am able to provide a bespoke service that can match the craftsmen of the past.

I can restore, rebuild, repair or upgrade your own bicycle or a bike from stock. I can also bring a mix of classic and modern engineering materials together to upgrade and improve your ride, or create a limited number of “hand-built classics” for racing, weekend use, or simply hanging on the wall to impress guests.


l always have in stock, an ever-changing range of classic cycles and Vintage Campagnolo parts for sale.


  • Full workshop services and repair

  • New & Pre-owned Frames

  • Vintage Campagnolo Parts and spares

  • Restoration services

  • Bike sales

  • Custom builds to any specification

  • National collection and delivery

  • Support and advice

  • I Can supply and source Famous Make Frames i.e. Colnago Masi Bianchi De-Rosa Eddy Merckx Pinarello Cinelli Gios Alan Battaglin Bottecchia Willier Hetchins Orbea Raleigh SBDU Bates Rotrax Falcon Sunbeam Holdsworth Johnny Berry Bob Jackson Mercian Carlton Dawes etc.

  • I also supply and source Italian, French and English bicycle parts i.e. Campagnolo Cinelli ITM 3TTT Stronglight Spidel TA Specialities AVA Christophe CLB Huret Ideale Brooks Chater-Lea Chater lea Dunlop Constrictor Harden Sturmey Archer Royce Williams etc

Vintage Johnny Berry 52cm Reynolds 531 Bicycle Campagnolo Super Tourist Gears Refurbished.

My cycle shop offers a friendly welcome to all cyclists, new or old. I happily have time for everyone, and tea & coffee is always brewing, I can’t guarantee biscuits though (hint hint).

You’re always welcome to visit my workshop, please see opening hours below....

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